Silent Party Headphone

It’s the time to SILENT DISCO!

Silent party headphones are the new age phenomena that have hit the party scene across the world. Now you no longer have to worry about taking loud music permits for night. You don’t need to worry about holding a big event in sensitive locations like near hospitals or temples. You no longer have to worry about the ‘no loud music’ after 10 pm rule for discs and pubs in India. Simply get yourself and a bunch of your friends silent party headphones on rent and get set to enjoy the future of music and party scene!
With the rise and shine of club culture in India, you also might be one of those who find the deafening music getting on your nerves. So, what can you do to enjoy a night out at a decent club yet still stay away from getting your eardrums to explode? Well, the latest trend to hit the discotheques is the silent party wireless headphones. These headphones simply let you enjoy music at your desired decibel levels along with a crowd, but without a sound escaping from your headphones.


Silent Party Headphones brings together a wide array of headphones with

  • Double PLL system for frequency stability
  • Support 433 Mhz /863Mhz /915 Mhz ISM band
  • Upto 10 hours of battery life
  • Range of 300 metres for uninterrupted music flow
  • Single transmitter for several headphones
  • 3 channel music channel set up for DJ

Where else silent headphones fit into the Indian party scene? Are you not the type of who likes to go clubbing? Feeling what use these silent party headphones rentals will be to you in India. Well take a look at some of the various places where silent party headphones are already registering their presence.

Silent Garba

Silent garba headphones are a rage especially in Mumbai where Bollywood themed garba parties are a huge crowd drawer. With introduction of silent disco headphones, there is no longer trouble of loudspeakers disturbing the residents all night long.

Silent Dandiya

Organizing a huge dandiya night in Mumbai but having issues with deafening noise troubling the nearby people? Worry not and be the cool trendsetter. This season have a silent dandiya headphones party and do the silent dance!

Silent Movie

Enjoy watching a movie together with your loved ones in a large open space or at home with silent movie headphones in Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. You name it we deliver it there!

Silent Conference

Hold multiple conferences under same roof renting silent conference headphones especially in Mumbai city where the issue for clear space and sound always cases trouble. Simply put on your headphones even in the noisiest of places and get on with you conference!

Silent party headphones are here to stay. It is time you join the music revolution of the century and
enjoy the silent disco headphones party trend!

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